The land of fun and eternal happiness, located in Minburi District, Siam Park City includes a water park featuring a man-made sea with artificial waves and towering water slides, an amusement park containing different kinds of world class rides, and a them park emphasizing education and entertainment. Besides, it has several other attractions like children’s playgrounds and African adventure that cannot be missed. Siam Park City is one of Thailand’s largest theme park, covering an area of almost 120 acres and featuring a wide range of fun and exciting rides as well as adventurous and entertainment activities in five zones such as a roller coaster that speeds 80kph and a ride that drops you from 75 meters above the ground. The main highlight of Siam Park is its water park, which is considered the world’s largest man-made, sea-like pool, favored by both kids, families and teenagers.

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      All Zones
      Water Park X-Zone Family World Fantasy World Small World
      • - Spa Club
      • - Super Spiral
      • - Mini Slide
      • - Speed Slide
      • - Flowing Pool
      • - Wave Pool
      • - Club House
      • - Boomerang
      • - Take Off
      • - Top Spin
      • - Condor
      • - Aladdin
      • - Ranger
      • - Giant Drop
      • - Vortex
      • - Mega Dance
      • - Balloon Race
      • - Enterprise
      • - Break Dance
      • - Double-Desk Merry-Go- Round
      • - Astro Liner
      • - Log Flume
      • - Si-Am Tower
      • - Jurassic Adventure
      • - Dinotopia
      • - Grand Canyon Express
      • - Africa Adventure
      • - Big Double Shock
      • - Astrofighter
      • - Rock & Roll
      • - Trabant
      • - Monster
      • - Tagado Disco
      • - Twin Dragon
      • - Mini Carousel
      • - Mini Motorcycle
      • - Swan
      • - Mini Boat
      • - Play Port
      • - Mini Astrofighter
      Waterpark Speed Slide Spa Club
      Super Spiral Wave Pool Giant Drop
      Ranger Take Off Vortex
      Africa Adventure Double desk Merry-Go-Round Big Double Shock
      Jurassic Adventure Log Flume Tagada Disco
      Rock & Roll Trabant Twin Dragon
      Mini Carousel   Play Port
      Directions to Siam Park Bangkok
      Two easy ways for private cars and taxis : along Serithai rd. heading forward Minburi, turn left to Siam Park Avenue ( Serithai soi 75 , 7 km. from Bangkapi junction). Along Ramindra rd. heading forward Minburi, turn right to Siam Park Avenue opposite to Nopparat Rajadhani Hospital ( Ramindra km.12)
      • - From Ardnarong-Ramindra Expressway, take Ramindra exit heading Minburi. Go straight forward passing km.8 bridge. Fashion Island Department Store will be on your left, go straight. 1 km. from Fashion Island, there will be Nopparat Rajadhani Hospital on the same side. Turn right to Siam Park Avenue at the traffic light opposite to the hospital, Amorini Mall is located at the junction.
      • - From Eastern Outer Ring Rd. (from Bangna), take Serithai exit heading Minburi. Go straight forward for 1 km. Turn left to Siam Park Avenue.
      • - From Srirach Express Way connecting to Motorway (Highway no.7) heading to Chonburi. Keep left to Eastern Outer Ring Rd. (Highway no.9) heading to Bang Pa-In. Take "Serithai" exit heading Minburi. Go straight forward for 1 km. Turn left to Siam Park Avenue.

      Public Transport
      • - Buses no. 60, 71, 96, 115 (buses stop at the park's gate)
      • - Air-conditioned buses no. 178, 519 (buses stop at the park's gate)