Let’s be a part of the humorous experience and excited with the famous show from Korean Broadway ‘cookin’ NANTA Show’ is a combination of international communication through music combined with Korean traditional music and modern up beat into the very unique tradition. All audiences can get into the show even speaking in different languages. NANTA is named as the most significant traditional show from Korea. Do not miss, you don’t have to go to Korea, just be a part of the 1 and a half hour show.

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      Cookin Nanta is a completely non-verbal and universal performance. Since it is purely presented through music and motions, there is no language barrier. Therefore Nanta can be enjoyed by people from all around the world.

      Nanta combines rhythms from Korean folk music to create an experience very unique but also familiar to audience. As an ameliorate mixture between Korean traditional rhythm and modern audio system, Nanta became a super-rookie in the world culture market.
      Many nonverbal performances are dull due to the repeat of only rhythms and beats and lack of excitement in suspension. Nanta overcomes this drawback by combining a storyline with various comic scenes set in a kitchen. By adhering to its storyline, Nanta manages to be well organized without using any verbal script.

      To double the fun, all of the audience can participate in the show. Spectators can be the bride and groom in a traditional Korean wedding ceremony, compete in piling up dumplings, and interact with the performance. you can play the Rhythm on the stage and make the they audience more excited. You become a part of the show. This is a unique but charming point, which only belongs to Nanta.

      Show time : Tuesday ~ Sunday at 20:00 hrs.