Добро пожаловать в Саиок Ривер Хауз, здесь мы более всего чтим уединение гостей. Здесь вы ощутите мирное спокойствие тропической природы. Оно будет окружать вас все время пребывания здесь.
Отель расположен всего в 20 милях от центра провинции Канчанабури, основные туристические достопримечательности находятся по пути. Вам точно понравится ваше путешествие.
Для наших комнат в Саиок Ривер Хауз Мы создали дизайн ощущения тепла и дружелюбия природы. Комнаты непохожи друг на друга и удовлетворят все пожелания гостей. И разместят любое число гостей.
Как мы уже говорили, гости почувствуют себя в сердце природы. Снаружи много туристических достопримечательностей: водопады, прогулки на слонах, в лесу, в пещерах, спуск на плотах и архитектурные памятники.

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  • Hotel facilities
  • Room facilities

      Saiyok River House is one of the best private places where you can enjoy the real nature of Thailand. "The house" is located just 20 miles away from Kanchanaburi province, with many enjoyable attractions along the way. With tree and river surrounded, visitor will feel like staying in the heart of nature. Stepping outside, there are many travel site around, such as water falls, elephant rides, forest walk, cave walk, floating raft and important architectures.

      Saiyok River House welcomes you to Kanjanaburi. Surrounded by beautiful mountains and the river Kwae, our rooms have varying styles to suit your tastes and needs, bringing you closer to nature.

      We have rooms for two, three or six people and a three bedroom house, perfect for couples or families.
      Superior Room
      • Additional amenities in room:
      • - Twin beds or Double bed
      • - Private balcony
      • - Utilities (air condition, hair dryer, hot water, Tea & Coffee maker, TV, refrigerator)
      • - All superior room has a nature view bathroom (daytime film & nighttime curtain)

      Deluxe Room

      • Additional amenities in room:
      • - 1 Queen size bed and 1 single bed
      • - Front room balcony
      • - Utilities (air conditioner, hair dryer, TV, refrigerator, Tea & Coffee maker, hot water)
      • - Table - chair (for make up or working)

      Family Room
      • Additional amenities in room:
      • - Two bedrooms, Two bathrooms/restrooms
      • - Big balcony
      • - Utilities (air-condition, hair dryer, hot water, TV, DVD-player, microwave)
      • - The room is nearby the swimming pool
      • - We have toys (football, basketball, flyer, badminton, In-room toys (stick remover, cards) for guests

      Log House
      • Additional amenities in room:
      • - Two bedrooms, Two bathrooms/restrooms
      • - Living room
      • - Utilities (air-condition, hair dryer, hot water, TV, DVD-player, microwave)
      • - The room is nearby the half-course basketball
      • - We have toys (football, basketball, flyer, badminton, In-room toys (stick remover, cards) for guests

      House for Group of 8 persons
      • Additional amenities in room:
      • - 3 Bedrooms
      • - 2 Restrooms & bathrooms
      • - A kitchen
      • - A living room (TV, DVD player, mini-Home theatre)
      • - Private parking area
      • - Balcony
      • - The house locates beside the swimming pool


      All Room amenities
      • - Air conditioner
      • - Water heater
      • - Refrigerator
      • - Television
      • - DVD player
      • - Kettle and coffee set
      • - Electric hair dryer
      • - Private balcony
      Activities at the fair include a historical and archaeological exhibition, folk shows, booths of governmental offices, products sale, entertainment, and a light and sound presentation. This is an annual event to be held by the Kanchanaburi Provincial Authority from the end of November to the beginning of December to commemorate the notorious establishment of the Death Railway and the Bridge Over the River Kwai during WWII.
      The Death Railway line is still in operation. The rail line snakes through scenic and thrilling natural terrain. The whole train, hugging the mountainside at a dizzy height over raging river far below, creeps over the World War II rail line laid on creaking wood-trestles.
      The Death Railway train ride runs on a regular schedule. The train leaves Kanchanaburi Station at 10.31 am., chugs over the Bridge on the River Kwai at 10.35am., or thereabout, en route Namtok Station at 12.30pm There is a combination tour to the renowned Saiyoke Waterfall. Picnic on the train is not frowned upon.
      Sai Yoke National Park, called the classic Waterfall of Thailand because its beauty is the theme of an immortal classic Thai song composed by a renowned artist prince almost a century ago. He had his inspiration when viewing waterfalls from a boat, seeing the water tumbling and splashing down from a high cliff bank. The vantage point to fully appreciate he great waterfalls is still from a boat in the river. There are more waterfalls around such as A Ra Wan water fall which has 7 floor of heaven. Those who enjoy swimming in hot springs may travel to km. 107 and visit The Hindad Hot Springs.
      Swimming Pool & Sun lounge Lobby and Reception area Resort Garden

      Hotel Facilities & Services
      • - Swimming pool
      • - Half-court basketball
      • - Reading room
      • - Wireless internet
      • - Fishing raft
      • - Movie rental
      • - Karaoke
      • - Thai massage
      • - Football
      • - Basketball
      • - Badminton
      • - In-room toys