Курорт Лима Коко расположен на Ао Прао - самом замечательном месте, чтобы наслаждаться закатом на острове Самет. Есть десять различных типов номеров, которые мы предоставлена ​​Hideaway Deluxe, Балкон Deluxe, Seaview Deluxe, Морской стиль, Коко на пляже и Goota стиль. Есть множество занятий на выбор, развлечений на воде: плавание с маской, на каяке или прогулка вокруг острова на катере - все доступны по вашему запросу. А если водные развлечения вам не по душе, вы можете посвятить день прогулкам на природе. Или просто проваляйтесь весь день на пляже возле кафе Богус или насладитесь массажем.

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      Lima Coco at a glance:
      A wonderful tropical resort located in the center of Ao Prao, Samed Island. The place that you can enjoy the glimpse of beautiful sunset while sipping exotic cocktail. Experience the senses of the nature of Limacoco, sea breeze, blue sky, and crystal clear warm seawater, all can be a simple click a way from your dream holiday.

      The Place which you would feel just like home is only two hours away from Bangkok. Getting away from busy and hectic city life and be a part of the nature with us at Limacoco resort.

      Lima coco resort, a boutique resort, situated on Ao Prao, the most beautiful sunset viewing point on Samet island. Lima Bella resort, a HIP and boutique resort, situated on Sai Kaew beach, the most famous beach on Samet island.

      Hideaway Deluxe (12 units)
      The room are located at the hill footage. With the private location, the rooms are absolutely ideal for families and groups of friends.The decorations are all in the Thai Mediterranean style.

      Balcony Deluxe (6 units)
      The rooms are built with French doors and Mediterranean style balcony are located in the middle of the resort. The room provide our quest with separate washbasin and the bathroom for those who loves to do thing separately.

      Seaview Deluxe (4 units)
      The rooms offer panoramic sea view with romantic atmosphere. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend a romantic holiday with your love ones on the cozy day bed where you can take in the stunning views of the sea. All Sea View Deluxe rooms are located at the hill footage and the decorations style are all in Thai Mediterranean style.

      Nautical Deluxe (9 units)
      The rooms are double bed room and twin bed room. The room built with French Nautical Style and located in the middle of the resort.

      Nautical Seaview (3 units)
      The rooms are spacious built with French Nautical Style. The room offer stunning sea view top floor and a private .balcony with romantic atmosphere. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend a romantic holiday with your love ones in our dimly lighted room.

      Coco Beach Front (4 units)
      The Coco Beach Front rooms offer intimate sea view and the pool. All rooms providing quest with charmingly decorated and their own individualized space.

      Goota Beach Front (3 units)
      Goota Beach Front room are literally located on the beach and charmingly decorated in romantic French Nautical Style where offer you only ten steps away from our beautiful private beach and swimming pool. All charming room offers a large balcony to relax and read to stay away from the sun for a while.

      All Room amenities
      • - 32” LCD TV
      • - Individual control air conditioning
      • - Bathroom amenities, toiletries and hair dryer
      • - Umbrella
      • - Cotton Bag
      • - All units are non-smoking
      There are plenty of activities to choose from, water activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and island hopping on a speed boat are all available on your request. If you do not fancy water activities for the day, hiking into the nature is another excellent choice. Or simply laze your days away on the beach, at Bagus cafe or with a soothing massage.

      Skin Drive
      There are two diving spots in Ao Prao. The first location is on the left side of the bay which is combined with rock and hard coral. You can enjoy the unforgettable of the marine environment. An another spot is on the right pinnacle which is couple hundred meters away from the resort. The crystal clear water enables you to view colorful marine life, interesting geography of rock, and plenty of hard coral. The tropical, warm currents means suiting up in bathing suits is quite enough.

      kayaking is generally available at all seaside resorts in Samed island. It first became known in Krabi and Phang Nga, being the most peaceful way for tourist to enjoy the rest of the island. Sea Kayaking in Samed is one of the best ways to observe nature up close and personal. Watch the colorful reef fish darting among the coral as you paddle over the shallow reef and the cliff to the south of the island. These are just some of the experiences available to you sea kayaking in Samed. And sea kayaking is fun and safe for the whole family.

      Day Trip
      There are three day trip packages available for guest
      • Program A:
      • One day trip to Koh Thalu, Koh Kudi, Koh Kram,and fishing farm including one set of snorkeling equipment and lunch set traveled by speed boat.
      • Program B:
      • One day trip around the island including snorkeling equipment traveled by speed boat.
      • Program C:
      • One day trip around the island including one set of snorkeling equipment and lunch set traveled by ferry.

      An experience of relaxation throughout the body, and harmony of the mind. All day-to-day anxiety and concerns will fade away, tight muscles will relax, and sometimes the mind will slip into a trance-like state or even a deep sleep, in which case the receiver will wake up refreshed and alert. Our massage therapy will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed from head to toe. There are three kind of our massages. Traditional Thai massage: Foot massage, Oil massage.

      Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Swimming Pool
      Massage Bicycle Riding Beach chair
      Wakeboard Kayaking Soft sandy beach (Ao Prao Beach)
      Day Trip Relaxing area Skin Dive
      The Restaurant serving a full combination of Asian and European cuisine and authentic Thai food, as well as hearty desserts and snacks in a truly relaxing atmosphere and a charming dÈcor that makes you feel at home overlooking the resort’s pool and the ocean.

      Our wine selection and beverage bar compliment the fine dining experience and may convince you for a late night conversation with your loved companions, under the charming moonlight reflected upon the sea.
      Samed island is located at the east coast of Thailand, about 220 kilometers from Bangkok. It is in the gulf of Thailand which is far from Samui island, the most famous island in the south, up to the north for 380 Km. Samed is distant from mainland around 6.5 Km. The general length of Samed island from north to south is 6.5 Km. and the width is 2.5 Km. The island itself is famous among tourists for its interesting destinations and exciting activities.

      Most of the beach are on the east side apart from Ao Prao which is located on the west. In 1981 the Royal forest department declared the entire of Samed island, A cape of Khao Leam Ya, and 11 km. of Mae Rampeung beach to be a national park. The national park consist of several islands for instance, Koh Kudi, koh Kruai, Koh Ma Kham, and Koh Thalu. Samed contains of 18 hidden bays, which offers crystal clear water for year-round. There are five piers which are providing the transportation to Samed. There are many boats depart every hour from 8 am. to 6 pm to Na Daan pier. The duration of the trip is 30-35 minutes.

      There are taxis available for serving which are called iSong-Thewi. Those usually have specific routes running to every part of the island. Furthermore, rental motor-bike are offered.